Mediation Rescue was established to focus on workplace mediation. However, we also offer civil and commercial mediations, including under the Civil Mediation Council’s Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme Workplace mediation is an incredibly successful and cost-effective means of resolving workplace conflict, whether between individuals, teams, departments or even whole regions. The business case for using mediation as the ‘go to’ method of conflict resolution is unassailable – click here to find out why.

We operate on a co-mediation model which means that you will normally get two highly skilled mediators for the price of one. That means two pairs of eyes and ears on the problem, but also means that we can pair up mediators from our panel to suit the dynamics of the situation, so we might have a male and a female mediator for a sex discrimination or sexual harassment issue or mediators of different ages or races. It also means that where an organisation has its own internal scheme we can offer one internal and one external mediator which can bring a whole range of additional benefits. For complex multi-party issues we can also put together a team of mediators, if required.

In addition to the three directors, we have a panel of other fully-trained workplace mediators from a wide range of backgrounds that we can draw upon to provide appropriate mediators for the job.

We may not be the cheapest workplace mediators available, but we offer a single fixed price for the whole job from initial instructions to a follow-up meeting 4-6 weeks after the mediation has concluded. We will still work out cheaper than running a disciplinary or grievance process which our service can avoid the need for completely. Using us to help to resolve the conflicts in your workplace brings the following advantages:

  • A highly experienced and trained panel of Mediators who can be available at short notice to provide quick, inexpensive and highly effective resolutions to workplace issues.
  • They all possess the critical skills in conflict resolution: independence, balance, empathy, excellent interpersonal skills and commercial awareness.
  • They are also highly experienced in diversity issues, including, race, gender, age and disability.
  • We are happy to travel anywhere in the World to undertake workplace mediations. We can either mediate at your premises or at a suitable neutral location.
  • We operate┬ávery flexibly and can adapt our procedures to suit the particular circumstances.
  • We are skilled in facilitating discussions that will rapidly improve working relationships between the parties involved.
  • Over 80% of mediations result in a successful outcome with just one joint meeting.

Although we will quote you a single price for a one-off mediation, we are also very happy to quote for a series of individual mediations or even for an annual retainer to provide an ongoing mediation service to your business.

Having used our mediation services, businesses are also often interested in our other services to provide additional training for managers or other staff in managing workplace conflict, having difficult conversations or even providing 1:1 conflict coaching for particular managers. We can also provide consulting services to help manage particular situations such as change management where friction can develop at all sorts of levels within an organisation.