• Mediators who are available at short notice to provide quick, inexpensive and highly effective resolutions to workplace issues.
  • We can facilitate discussions and rapidly improve working relationships between individuals, teams or whole departments.
  • We operate very flexibly and can adapt our procedures to suit the particular circumstances.
  • Over 80% of mediations result in a successful outcome with just one joint meeting.
  • Our mediators have all had specialist training in workplace mediation and are experienced in resolving workplace conflict.
  • They all possess the critical skills in conflict resolution: independence, balance, empathy, excellent interpersonal skills and commercial awareness.
  • They are also highly experienced in diversity issues, including, race, gender, age and disability.
  • In addition to our principal mediation team, we are able to call upon other mediators from a broad range of ages, backgrounds and of different genders to deal with any diversity issues.
  • We usually work as a team of two, but can also work individually or as part of a larger team.


  • We provide conflict management training for HR, management and other staff which will equip them with powerful skills to avoid and/or to resolve conflict in the future.
  • We train groups or individual members of staff in dealing with difficult conversations and all sorts of conflicts.
  • We are also able to offer a wide range of coaching to staff in order to implement and maintain internal conflict resolution processes.

Evaluation and recommendations:

  • In addition to mediation and training, we offer a feedback and analysis service to help businesses to identify underlying or remaining issues that may have caused or contributed to the issues that have arisen. We can then assist them to take action or to develop strategies to avoid future conflict.

Change management:

  • We design and develop procedures for conflict management that can replace or sit alongside traditional grievance and disciplinary procedures.
  • We provide advice and support for the successful introduction of mediation procedures into the workplace.
  • Such support can include assistance with encouraging key stakeholders such as trade unions and line managers to engage with the new processes.

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