What Does Failure Look Like?

Mediators tend to be very positive, energetic future-focussed types who like nothing better than getting the parties to concentrate on collaborating to find ways to resolve current problems and to create improved and more effective ways of working. Often, the key is creating an expectation of success. However, I am reminded by the short but thought-provoking article by Thornton Mason that there is more than one way to skin a cat.

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Businesses underestimate the importance of a good office environment

An interesting article in HR Review commenting on the results of a survey that reveals that businesses are overlooking the impact of the office environment on productivity and morale. According to the survey, although over 90% of workers believe the office environment affects their productivity, fewer than 50% consider that their office environment improves their productivity and 20% believe it actually decreases their productivity.

There are many elements that need to combine to produce a healthy and productive working environment, one of which is ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and effectively and that there are good working relationships between employees. Establishing effective processes such as mediation can make an enormous impact on the working environment and can really help to improve morale and productivity. It can also lead to many other benefits such as enhanced staff retention and even to less obvious benefits such as improved relationships with customers and suppliers and even to increased innovation.