Difficult Conversations at work: Addressing Mental Health

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An interesting article by Clare Waller of Hewitsons in HR Review on the reticence shown by employees to have difficult conversations with line managers about mental health issues. The article draws upon a survey for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health which showed that 80% of workers would not discuss their mental health issues with their line manager for fear of being stigmatised. 

Although the situation is definitely improving, there is still a considerable amount of work to be done in the area of mental health in the workplace. Continue reading “Difficult Conversations at work: Addressing Mental Health”

Workplace bullying – is mediation appropriate?


A Guest Blog Post from Saranne Segal

We welcome articles and blog posts from anyone with an interest in workplace mediation. This month, we have an article from an experienced Australian workplace mediator who gives her own perspective on the use of workplace mediation in the context of bullying and harassment situations.

Bullying and harassment is nothing new to the workplace. However, because our world is becoming socially more conscious with the advent of movements such as  #MeToo and  #TimesUp, people are becoming more courageous about bringing these issues out into the open.  A question I have pondered as a workplace mediator is whether mediation is the most suitable way to deal with the conflict that has arisen from the increase of bullying complaints in the workplace. Continue reading “Workplace bullying – is mediation appropriate?”