Austerity in the Workplace

Antony Sendall has been asked to join the HIVE panel to debate Austerity in the Workplace at their 2017 Annual Soiree on Thursday 21 September 4.30pm to 7pm. HIVE is the Society for Workplace and Employment Mediation. It is likely to give rise to some lively discussion, so why not come along to join in?

Antony has already been amused by the fact that the poster for an event to discuss ‘austerity’ in the workplace has a glass of prosecco as its principal motif. Is the point that pre-2008 it would have been champagne?

You can get your tickets by clicking here

Employment Tribunals Fees Scheme struck down and scrapped by Supreme Court

A hugely important Supreme Court decision this morning has resulted in the scrapping of the current Employment Tribunal fees scheme. The Fees Order has been found to be unlawful under both domestic and EU law because it has the effect of preventing access to justice. Since it had that effect as soon as it was made, it was therefore unlawful and has been quashed. Continue reading “Employment Tribunals Fees Scheme struck down and scrapped by Supreme Court”

Mind the Mental Health Gap

In recent years there seems (anecdotally, at least) to have been a marked increase in litigation involving employees with mental health issues. Litigation can be especially challenging for people with those types of issues. Therefore, one might have expected there to have been a rapid growth in alternative forms of resolution for such cases, particularly workplace mediation. However, we have noticed that many mediation organisations suggest that workplace mediation is actually inappropriate when the employee is suffering from mental health issues. We find this approach both disappointing and completely counter intuitive. Continue reading “Mind the Mental Health Gap”