Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme


In addition to workplace mediation, Mediation Rescue is also able to offer civil and commercial mediations under the terms of the Civil Mediation Council Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme through our mediator, Antony Sendall who is a very experienced, CMC Registered Mediator. He is accredited as a Civil and Commercial Mediator as well as a Workplace and Community Mediator.

The Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme is designed to give parties to a dispute of a value under £50,000 the option to employ a mediator at a reasonable fixed rate.  The fees for this service are set out below.

The mediations undertaken by Mediation Rescue under this scheme are usually conducted via the Zoom video platform, but it may be possible to arrange for a face-to-face mediation to take place.

Both parties will need to agree to mediate and it is helpful for the parties to have agreed on this before you approach a mediator.

Amount claimed Fees per party Length of



Up to £5,000 £75 plus VAT 1 hour
£125 plus VAT 2 hours
£5,000-£15,000 £320 plus VAT 3 hours
£15,000-£50,000 £445 plus VAT 4 hours
Additional hours (if agreed by the parties) are charged at £100 per hour per party

Please note that if you have a dispute of less than £10,000 you may be offered a free 1 hour telephone mediation service by the Court once you have issued a claim form.

You may also be offered mediation by the Court for claims above £10,000.  There will be a cost to issue a claim form. If you are a consumer and your dispute concerns the sale of goods and services the trader is required to provide you with the name and website address of an approved Alternative Dispute Resolution body.